England’s Green & Pleasant Land, Part 1: The Blair Witch Woods of St Ives

Right before the crippling back pain kicked in, luckily enough, I had a very nice weekend courtesy of my friend C, who had me to stay for my annual visit to Yorkshire, where we walked the dogs and took in all the beautiful scenery and the sights of English villages. These lush, green woods are right on the doorstep.




Naturally, this being Yorkshire, the woods are filled with witches, dragons, monks, naiads and dryads, and so forth. (I am proud of myself that I spelled naiad correctly on the first attempt.)






Mysterious dead aristocrats haunt large stones.



As if all this were not enough, there are these horrifying structures – dwellings? cages? – that are made out of branches and left around the woods. It is like the Blair Witch Project EXCEPT REAL. C. says they are made by local schoolchildren, but that just makes it even worse. It’s like the Wicker Man in this country once you get north of Birmingham.



Stay tuned for more photos of this magical part of England.

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