Farmers’ Market

It’s a good job I am not panicking about my newly regained weight because I got on the scales this morning and I am four pounds heavier than yesterday. Where’s the rhyme or reason in that?

I am not going to freak out about it. Plenty of exercise and staying away from alcohol and sugar will make it come off. I went out and did my big 10 mile walk yesterday, which is a really great start, it is a route that is actually slightly over 10 miles, takes 3 hours to complete and I forget how many calories that burns off, but it is a lot. It’s the same as running for 90 minutes. It was good. My legs were aching when I got home. It reminded me that even though I feel heavy and lumpen, I actually enjoy exercising and I particularly like walking because I like being outdoors and you don’t have to interact with other people, it’s not like at the pool where you might have to share a lane. When I have had some breakfast I will go out and do it again. If I exercise every day, in a serious way, then I can probably lose the approximately 12 extra pounds without very much difficulty at the same rate I gained them, that is, about one a week. This means I am going to be fat over the summer but will be in very trim shape again by mid September, which isn’t that far away.

I want to show you a few photos from my walk yesterday. I’ve done this route before but apparently not on a Saturday morning, otherwise this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve encountered the Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market, which occurred at the exact mid-point of my walk. Look!



A proud fishmonger hooks his thumbs into his apron.





I stayed away from these cakes.



Gothic cheese.


Aren’t these lovely! I was entranced and wanted one but it would be dead in a week. I am not great with plants.


This made me want to eat more vegetables. I noticed that a lot of things are about half what they are charging at my local fancy-schmancy supermarket.



You can imagine how hungry this was making me. I stopped at the Indian food stall and had a pakora.


My shopping. Now I know this market is here, I will come back. I could bring a back-pack and buy vegetables for the week.


As soon as my mood improved a couple of days ago I reinstated my online dating profile but I have just suspended it yet again. I realised that I am being unrealistic with regard to the amount of time I have available. It looks like the time to get all of my windows replaced is fast approaching and that means major building work. On top of a full time job, I don’t have any spare time for dating. Or any spare money. And I am at least ten pounds heavier than all my photos. So these are all good reasons why I don’t want to be trying to meet a load of people for dating purposes right now, even though I was getting a lot of good-quality interest. I always get a lot of fan mail, it is not going to suddenly evaporate if I put things on hold for a few weeks.

In the meantime, I am not going to starve for want of human contact. I have plenty of friends and social arrangements in the diary. Klaus calls me every couple of days just to chat. Socrates is single, local and interested in spending some more quality time together. He is undemanding, ridiculously handsome and athletic, and is lovely company. Finally, there is the Head Honcho. We resumed talking to each other within minutes of me confidently announcing here that we were done with each other and we have somehow managed to hit that sweet spot where we aren’t fighting and we are actually bringing something to each other’s lives. It is a very beautiful thing. He is an unreasonable man, he’s not of a generous disposition and he is hard to please, while I am stubborn, sweary and easily enraged, but I adore him and when he is happy, I am happy and the world is a better place.

1 Health point. Get up and dance.

Boris Dlugosch ft. Roisin Murphy: Never Enough (Sir Piers & Ed Funk Club Mix)

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