I have such a hangover.

The house is still kicking my ass. I worked on it for another four hours last night, getting sweaty and dirty again, and it finally started to look better. I am finally starting to have more space in the bedroom, which was desperately needed. I still have random stuff shoved into boxes in different places around the house, but I managed to get two rooms looking habitable and scrubbed both the bathrooms while I was about it. I obtained some quotes regarding deep cleaning, plastering and painting of my worst room and they are all way too expensive, I could go back to Corfu for that kind of money. So it looks as though I will be doing it myself. Plastering up some holes can’t be that hard, can it. And it’s all useful skills.

Then I jumped in the shower and then my lovely Greek friend Socrates came over and kept me up all night with the result that I got all sweaty yet again and have suffered a persistent hangover all day today. God damn. Just to finish things off, I have to go out this evening. I need coffee. I am so not staying out late tonight. A quick dinner then back home to bed.

Maybe I could persuade Socrates to do the renovations for me. He’s got to be good at more than one thing. 1 Home point.

2 thoughts on “I have such a hangover.”

  1. Ha ha serves you right. If things are too expensive then you need to resort to the barter economy – I’m sure you have things you could put up in exchange??? 😉

    I empathise with your situation – am having an extension built which means losing the garage. When somewhere has been your complete dumping ground for close on 25 years, where do you start to clean it our and get rid of stuff. This is going to be VERY painful

    1. Ha ha, yes, exactly. I am convinced I can get Socrates to do some of this for me. I am a good friend to him (cough). Yep, clearing that garage is going to be a pain. Might as well do it while it is summer, I suppose. Now is the time.

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