I need a Home point.

I have been working on my house all day. ALL day,and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I’ve been doing deep cleaning in the bedroom which means pulling out the furniture and cleaning the skirting boards and things like that, and now it is an absolute disaster area. It looks like a bomb has hit it. No matter how much stuff I throw out, there’s still no more room appearing in there. This week I will have to try to tackle the warehouse at work and that is even worse, there is 10 years of assorted crap and unfortunately some of it is crap that one actually wants such as financial records and receipts and useful items and god knows what else. The desk that I had transported up here last week had actual cash in it. Not very much, but still. You can’t just throw this shit out without sorting through it first.

So here we are. It’s 8pm on Sunday, the weekend is about over. I am sweaty, filthy dirty, my nails are broken even though I trimmed them really short before starting, my bed is covered in junk, I can’t physically get to the laundry basket, it is a nightmare. I don’t have even one room that is clean and tidy.  I want to give up but tomorrow is Monday and I have to work. I can’t leave it like this. I might have to stay up late tonight to try and get it to some kind of acceptable living conditions.

FFS. I feel like getting on a plane and leaving everything behind. 1 Home point.

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