My love affair with office furniture.

The van came and took away so much junk. I have gained a whole room’s worth of space.

My house is in disarray. When you pack up for removal 20% of the contents of a small flat that has no outside storage space such as a shed or basement, the other 80% of those contents is going to get thoroughly moved around as well. You have to play Tetris with it in order for there to even be any space to physically manoeuvre things into boxes, and then you have to find somewhere to put the boxes that is not in the room you are still trying to sweep and clear. Now that the van has been and gone, I have one room that’s almost completely empty and the entire rest of my flat, it seems like, is crammed into the living room so it is even more crowded in here than usual. Change does not come overnight.

That said, I can see how in the fullness of time it will be really good. I did a bit of last minute changing my mind re furniture and the result is that I now have an amount of desk space and work space in the living room that previously I could only have dreamed of. I am writing this post on my laptop which is on my large dining table and I am flanked on either side by not one but two desks. I have a big director’s office chair that’s on wheels so I can roll around on the hard floor and scoot between my three main work areas. It’s great. It’s going to be the office I’ve always wanted. Three large work surfaces, right next to each other. I love it. Plus, there’s one more equally large table that’s going to live in the presently empty room, which will be my second office, and that’s how much like an office my house is becoming. We don’t have sofas and TVs and dining areas around here, we have massive desks and loads of technology for business purposes and video gaming. God damn. I love being single. I’m going to make it look like the control deck of the Starship Enterprise. Plus I’m going to have one whole entire desk that’s dedicated to Chinese and let’s see how fast that helps me get back to scoring some points in that area. Should be a lot easier when I have a whole desk dedicated to it and all my stuff is right there, I don’t have to pull it all out.

The next step in achieving this state of  nirvana is cleaning up that empty room. As much as I would like to move a bunch of furniture and stuff in there right this minute, first it needs serious deep cleaning, there are holes in the walls that need to be plastered and it needs painting. And at some point my building is getting all its windows replaced. So there’s all that to come first.

I didn’t really know all this was coming, otherwise I would have scheduled a Home Repairs themed season. Maybe we can still have one. At the end of this process I want to have not only a big, clean, well-organised home/office work space but I also want to end up with a bunch of new shelves and a new bed and a wardrobe that isn’t falling apart as we speak. And I desperately need a new cooker because the Crime finally killed it, and I need a new blind in the kitchen and blah blah blah blah blah. I should be ready for guests by about Christmas.

The Honcho showed signs of life and it was appreciated.

1 Home point for yesterday’s efforts.


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