Seriously packing now. Would like to sit down and play Warcraft this evening but tonight is the deadline for my radical de-cluttering project. A van is coming tomorrow morning to take away about 20% of the contents of my flat. That’s the equivalent of one whole room. Seemingly I already got rid of the large table that I wanted from the warehouse, which is a shame, but I am getting a bigger desk and two much better chairs and some shelves so my home office environment is going to greatly benefit, and as we all know, work reigns supreme, work is what keeps this whole project up and running.

I don’t think I have any more news. I am seriously overweight and the Honcho is not inclined to flirt with me. I don’t think these two things are connected, as he can’t see what I look like, which has always been one of his best features, the other one being that he has simply been around for a long time, like your grumpy old dad. 1 Home point.

Lipps Inc: Funky Town

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