Housework, Honcho, and the small seed of a big idea.

I didn’t feel exactly bursting with health today, but I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over, which is good by the standards of the last month, so I did housework all day. The living room is tidy and the hall is tidier than it’s been for quite a while.

Last night, instead of reading my book, I talked to Le Head Honcho. I know, I know. No-one is going to approve of this, I don’t expect you to approve after all he’s put me through. But it was not a conversation about Our Relationship, for once, nor was it sexy chat. It was a conversation about moving to France. I am thinking of moving to France because that crime that I recently experienced has really fucked with my head and I would feel a lot safer there than I do here in London, where I feel like a sitting target. I really need to feel safe. It’s kind of essential to my quality of life.

Of everyone I know, there is no-one more qualified than the Honcho to talk to me about the tax and business implications. He really knows his way around business relocation issues and he is obviously French. It is not definite or anything. It is just an idea. One that’s been on my mind for a few days. I would have to become fluent in French, not just tourist French but proper, live-there French. I would have to seriously think about how much it will cost (ouch ouch ouch) and what to do about my London flat and what kind of impact it would have on my career. It would be a big thing, non, a huge thing. It would not be a temporary thing. It would be a case of selling all my stuff and moving there permanently and doing all of the years of bureaucracy and paperwork necessary to becoming a French national. On the other hand, even though it seems like an enormous undertaking at this moment, other people do it. Nurse Moody has gone to Budapest. The Head Honcho and Young Klaus moved here from France and Germany, respectively. They relocated. I could do it too. It’s not easy but it’s a very long way from impossible.

1 Home point. About time I started collecting some points. Perhaps in due course I will start collecting Relocation points. We will see. There is a lot to consider. Wish me bonne chance. Maybe, just maybe, if I could actually make it happen, it would be the most amazing thing by far in the history of TLYW and possibly in my whole life.

2 thoughts on “Housework, Honcho, and the small seed of a big idea.”

  1. Well G, it’s very far from impossible. Another friend is doing it right at this very moment, and is taking all her family (children, their partners, and grandchdren) with her. The working commute between Paris and London is less than London and the North – I know several people who do that on a very regular basis. For sure there are tax and business implications, but once you’ve got a fix on those, it becomes a great new adventure – la vie que tu desire – is that right? If you approach this with the same spirit you approached Gloria’s journey it will be the greatest success. Cx

    1. Exactly. And I am a total Francophile, as we all know. I admire their culture and their politics. I think the French are righter than right about most things. I could be happy in Paris, for sure. It would involve a huge effort and I am starting from a place of depleted energy reserves but the results could be amazing. This just might turn out to be the reason that the Honcho came into my life. To help me get started. I could do this. I could. It, like everything else in life, just requires planning and a positive attitude. And it would be a lot easier than moving to China.

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