Pictures of Corfu

I am sorry the blog is so slow lately. I am still sick, plagued by headaches, still dealing with the aftermath of violent crime, which is considerable, and work is stressful. I had a four-hour business meeting yesterday during which one of the parties was aggressively and needlessly argumentative in the most unproductive, wearing and childish way for the entire four hours and I certainly had yet another migraine by the end of it. I hope he enjoyed himself. I had to go home and take a bunch of painkillers and go to bed.

Today represents another attempt at trying to get my life back on track. It is Saturday and what I would really like to do is sleep all weekend, but if I do that, another headache will quickly result and I will be no better off. So I am going to try to do some housework, a rather large task in the post-criminal circumstances, and find a nice audio book to listen to while doing it, to stop my mind from dwelling on the stressful parts of my life, which amount to all of it.

While I am getting ready to do that, let’s have some photos of Corfu. I was obviously as sick as a dog while on this trip and didn’t even get near the beach because most of the time I was too weak to leave the hotel but I did manage to go out for a few hours one morning and see a little bit of the town, which is pretty enough, so let’s take a look at those now and perhaps one of us will find them soothing. If it looks like a British seaside town, well, that’s because that’s what it is like. I should have gone to Bournemouth and saved myself the air fare. Anyway, here you are.

Houses in sugary shades of pink and yellow because you know I like that kind of thing.

pink house


This terracotta colour reminded me of Chile.

brown house

brown house 2

The town, with cafes and little shops and more nice-coloured buildings.

town 1


town 2

town 3

town 4

A horse and carriage, carting tourists around. I like it that I caught that little child on the right, pointing.


Boats at the harbour.

boats 1

boats 2

A massive cruise ship. What a monster. I’ve never seen a ship that large before. I wished I could go on board and look around. My accountant, who is so old that he keeps trying to retire, always goes on cruises for his holidays and I am sort of tempted. I know they are uncool and full of elderly people and are boring but I feel old and boring right now, so it might be a good match. I might look into it.


I think that’s all for this post. Next up, some hilarious souvenirs.


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