Corfu and the return of Antibiotics Girl

My life has been crappy since returning from Chile. As well as being beaten up and having my house destroyed, with everything that that entails, from physical and mental distress to broken household objects to numerous phone calls with the police to court cases, and everything in between, there was the Giant Work Deadline That Would Not Be Moved and there was a long, seemingly endless, string of minor physical ailments to keep things interesting. Just in case I was in danger of becoming even momentarily happier.

First, I had back problems. Never had back problems before, they just arrived out of the blue. Suddenly found myself crippled by excruciating pain in my totally frozen lower back that lasted for ooh at least two weeks and used up all the super industrial painkillers that they gave me at the hospital when I was having my head injuries examined.

Then the back pain suddenly went away. Just disappeared overnight, but not before the arrival of a chest infection, the kind that makes you cough up nasty stuff (mmm, so attractive). Then that went away and was instantly replaced with the most vicious of ear infections. The kind where you have to go to the hospital (again) on a bank holiday weekend because you can’t endure the pain any longer. That, in turn, resulted in a massive course of antibiotics. Approximately my 19th course of antibiotics since this blog started. As a result, they are kicking my ass. I can really feel them going to work. I am sweaty, itchy, breathless and very headachey. When the taxi was taking Klaus and me to the airport at 3am, I felt so sick I thought I was going to have to ask the driver to pull over.

So that’s me. I don’t know how Nursey put up with it. But he did put up with it. He cooked every day and encouraged me to take naps as much as possible when I wasn’t working, he helped me in a million ways around the house with a degree of kindness and selflessness that almost hurts me to contemplate, and generally made everything okay, or as okay as it could be.

In fact, having recently seen Wagner’s Lohengrin in Hong Kong, as you will no doubt remember, I had to ask him “Are you a knight of the Holy Grail?” Then I fell about laughing at my own sense of humour, which is the one part of me that is uninjured. Nursey looked slightly confused and said he was not a knight of the Holy Grail as far as he is aware. I said “okay, only the whole thing reeks of Wagner. Damsel in distress, check. Just in the nick of time, a handsome stranger sails in on a magic swan/London minicab and solves all of her problems, check. Naturally, she falls in love with him, check. But he can’t stick around for a long term relationship because knights of the Holy Grail don’t get down like that, they have to be constantly on the move rescuing damsels and solving everybody’s problems and also nobody is allowed to know who they are, check check check. So hence my question”. He said he was definitely not one, but he would say that, wouldn’t he.

So anyway, that was the story of that. Then the knight went away, as you know, and I got in a minicab and felt ill all the way to the airport. And then a few hours later I was here, in Corfu, with Klaus, my BFF. The sun is shining, as it should, and I fell asleep by the pool. All we have done today is sleep and I feel 100% better.

Will try to do some sight-seeing tomorrow as this is not a long trip, we are just here for the weekend. Then it is back to the ruins of my life in London. In the meantime, big doses of proper sunshine are delivering all the health benefits that I so desperately need.



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