More recovery

I am doing okay, if you were wondering. I am almost completely recovered physically. My arms are better. I still have residual swelling and bruising on my face more than two weeks later, but it is minor, it is not something that people in the street stop and stare at. Psychologically I am more fragile and experiencing post-traumatic nightmares, with the result that Nurse Moody has generously agreed to postpone some travel plans and stay here and care for me for a little bit longer. I am grateful. Being a victim and needing psychiatric nursing care is a very strange basis on which to establish a relationship and hardly what one is used to, but I am not complaining. He is looking after me and I am glad of him.

I did one swim (50 lengths) and another 10 mile walk, earning 2 Health points, which I am going to collect right now. I even got on the scales the other day and I’ve gained 5 pounds since departing for Chile, making me 138 pounds. This is not great but I am not going to panic about it as I have enough to worry about already. The part of my brain that deals with work is fully functional and it looks like we are on target for meeting the huge deadline, which is a small miracle.

And that’s all the non-travel-related news. Let me collect those couple of points right now and then I will show you some more pictures of Chile and attempt to bring that festival of loveliness up to date. There’s going to be more travel in the not too distant future and I can’t wait, I simply can’t wait. Watch this space for breaking news.

Shall we have a tune? It feels like it is about time.

Gregory Isaacs: Night Nurse (1982)

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