Santiago de Chile, part 8: The Market

Around the corner, I immediately found myself at the fruit market. Note that lady’s lovely crocheted gilet, I bet she made that herself.


After that, I went into this building, where there was plenty to see.


Baby knitwear. Too cute for words.




Are those llamas or alpacas?


Restaurant. I was very hungry at this point but I didn’t eat here because although it looks pretty it was actually quite noisy and smelled of fish. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’m just saying.


I left the building via the other exit at the back and that is where I discovered not one, not two, but three yarn shops right next door to each other. I will show you.

One. This is definitely not for tourists. This is where the Real Housewives of Santiago come shopping for all their yarn-related needs. Beautiful. It was like stepping back in time to the 1970s.


Two. Note the authentic Catholic nun doing some window-shopping. I wonder what she wanted to make.




You might be thinking that these stores look rather unprepossessing from the outside and that there was little reason for me to be standing there with my mouth open and my heart pounding, but that is because you don’t know yarn shopping like I do. Inside these three shops was an array of yarn that made London’s best department stores look pitiful. Take note, John Lewis. Take note, Liberty. You are not even trying.

I spent a really long time in these shops, taking photos, I was the only non-Chilean person in there and everybody else was acting like the amount of yarn on display was no big deal.






Hurr. Pimp my knitting.


£1.30 for 100g. You can’t argue with that, can you. I wanted to bring home the entire contents of all three shops but I would have had to charter my own plane.

I think that’s all for this morning, readers, as time is getting on. In upcoming episodes of TLYW Goes To Santiago we’ll see some more beautiful, historic buildings, some big, outdoor sculptures and the one thing I’d strenuously tried to get to the day before: the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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