Santiago de Chile, part 7: Wedding fashions.

As you can tell, we are now moving towards the part of Santiago where people do their shopping and I was rather intrigued by a probably quite mundane wedding dress shop because I wanted to look at the fashions and the prices, so here you are. If you are thinking of getting married in Santiago, here’s what you could wear, and where to get it.


Strappy and frilly. 180,000 Chilean pesos, equal to £192 British pounds, 233 Euros or $322 American dollars.


Sparkly. 240,000 Chilean pesos, equal to £256 British pounds, 311 Euros, or $430 American dollars.


Appliqué. 135,000 Chilean pesos, equal to £144 British pounds, 175 Euros, or $242 American dollars. I don’t know why I was so fascinated by these dresses, they struck me as different from European styles but it is hard to pinpoint exactly why without being rude. I actually think this one is rather outré. Probably looks nicer on.


Short. 125,000 Chilean pesos, equal to £133 British pounds, 162 Euros, or $224 American dollars.


If you are concerned that your wedding is going to be excessively discreet and boring, your guests could perhaps wear this. At 158,000 CLP, it costs more than some of the wedding dresses.


Or how about this orange number with matching turban. 120,000 CLP.


After you get married you’ll probably have a baby, and that’s why you’re going to need this.


Or this.


And probably all of these.


And now let’s tear ourselves away from the wedding shop and go the market.

2 thoughts on “Santiago de Chile, part 7: Wedding fashions.”

  1. Did they have the dress and turban combo in pink? Orange is sooooo not my colour but I think it’s age appropriate for someone who thinks they want to wear Lycra but really shouldn’t – don’t you 😉
    With you on the wool too – would love a room full of the stuff – just to look at and fondle, you understand, probably not much actual knitting getting done
    Glad to hear normal service is close to being resumed G – thinking of you
    Love as always Cx

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