Santiago de Chile, part 4: From Paris & Londres to University.

A little early-morning blogging while Nurse Moody is asleep.

I am recovering pretty well from recent traumatic events. On the plus side, my brain is functioning at nearly full capacity now and I have managed to get quite a lot of work done over the weekend, which I really needed to, as there is a huge, massive work deadline coming up. Also I managed to go out and do my big 10-mile walk the other day. I was completely exhausted afterwards and slept for three hours but the fact that I managed to do it made me happy and made me feel that one day soon I’ll be healthy and strong again. 1 Health point.

On the minus side, I’m not actually that healthy and strong at this precise moment. I think it’s because I’ve stayed indoors so much over the last ten or twelve days, while recovering from the big crime drama. I have a persistent chest infection that is making me breathless and my back is really hurting me. I’ve never had back problems before. The pain went away when I was out walking but sitting down indoors makes it come back. So that’s me. It’s 5.30am and I’m sitting here in the dark, on an arrangement of cushions, breathlessly drinking tea and talking to you.

While we have a little time together, then, let us talk of happier things. While I was in Santiago, I did a bit of searching around online and looked up a walking tour which I then bravely pursued. I will link to it at the end when I’ve shown you my photos. Rather to my surprise, since I have no sense of direction, it worked out well. I didn’t get lost, it was highly educational and I made sure to do the whole thing, meaning that the tour took at least four hours, providing a good chunk of exercise. So. Allow me to take you around Santiago with me and then you too will feel as though you have seen some of the city.

Paris & Londres

Many of the buildings around the centre of Santiago are rather ordinary, as you see in this first picture. But then if you turn on to Paris and Londres streets, everything suddenly changes. These buildings on these streets date from the 1920s, were modelled on the buildings of Paris and London and are very pretty.







From here, it’s a short walk around the corner to the huge yellow-and-white confection known as the Universidad de Chile. Isn’t that creamy yellow lovely. Like lemon icing.



Right then, stay tuned, readers, while I quickly pick up that Health point that I mentioned earlier and then we’ll look at a palace. Back in two minutes.

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