I am sorry it has been so long. What I would really like is to show you some more photos of Chile, but I am kept away from organising them by more urgent priorities, as follows. So this is what I have been doing.

  • Returned to London from Chile. This was a very long journey in three stages with a long wait at JFK airport in New York, like about 8 hours or something. The whole journey took from Friday evening until Sunday morning.
  • While I was hanging around the business lounge at JFK, needlessly drinking wine and surfing the web, I noticed a highly attractive profile on the dating website. When I say ‘highly attractive’, I mean it was one of those times when you read the profile of someone who thinks like you and you think ‘thank god, I’m not alone in the universe’ and realise that isn’t necessary to edit your profile to make it any nicer, which you were starting to wonder about. So I looked at this very detailed profile with considerable relief and made a snappy and probably pre-emptive decision that I can definitely have a relationship with this guy, meaning we are going to be capable of taking each other seriously and not secretly thinking that the other person is an idiot.
  • Waited around for two hours for him to come online. Engaged him in conversation. We immediately get along and talk over each other and say the same things.
  • Got on a plane, arrived home in London and slept for hours and hours. Talked to the guy a bit more. He is an artist. He is quite stroppy but when have you ever known me to find that unattractive.
  • Woke up in the morning to a huge pile of work.
  • Frantically cleaned my house because reasons. (1 Home point.)
  • Had a date with this guy. It went well. I wasn’t, like, romantically swept off my feet but it was really good and at least on some levels I think we understand each other and there is some kind of potential. He needs a name. God damn, I have no idea. Let’s go with Moody. Moody the Artist.
  • Sleep, work, sleep, work.
  • Thought about what to do. Talked to Moody online. Now we are seeing each other on Friday night and Saturday, a significant chunk of the weekend.

Brace yourselves, readers. I don’t know where this is going, but it’s going somewhere.

Photos of Chile as soon as I can get to them. I promise. As soon as I’ve done all my work and gone out on a first date with somebody else and cleaned my house again. Here’s a photo of an enormous, phallic office building in Santiago, to tide you over.


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