Let’s quickly update the to-do list.

  1. Laundry. Priority. Done.
  2. File receipts.
  3. File all my photos, a lot are for work purposes and they need careful sorting, tagging and filing. Pretty much done. Good enough. Uploading now.
  4. Finish cleaning my house, I did a pretty good job just before going to China but there are still some areas in need of attention. Also good enough. Bathroom and kitchen are clean. I should give myself a Home point, considering I did laundry as well.
  5. Urgent financial paperwork on my desk. A colossal bill that I need to dispute. Shit like that. Nasty.
  6. Must see my hairdresser first thing tomorrow if possible because grey bits. Done. Looking foxy.
  7. Socialise with boys. Doubtless there will be dating news of some description before I leave town again. There had better be. I am actually a bit desperate for some sex. If you don’t count that one disappointing encounter with Xiaoyun then The Hills Are Alive season of celibacy has at this point overrun by three weeks already, and now I have to go away again. It’s really getting beyond a joke. Right, okay. I actually did manage to get what I was looking for, and I shall go into no more detail than that. Also there is a date tomorrow with a very tall and fit German.
  8. Go to the gym. I had one more swim before leaving Hong Kong, scoring 1 Health point. I have been for one swim here in London at my familiar gym. I think there may not be another before gettig on the next plane. So that’s 2 Health points that I need to add now, as well as 2 Art points.
  9. Resume sensible eating. Oh, this is just going terribly and I don’t even care. I am trying to stay off bread but then all I do is eat cheese. And right now I am craving chocolate cake so badly, I might just have to go and get some, even though I know I will regret it when I am getting ready to meet the hunky German guy tomorrow.

New items:

  1. Pack suitcase and travel documents for upcoming trip.
  2. Finish reading all my work books about China so that I have headspace to think about the next thing when I’m away travelling again.

We are getting there, aren’t we. I really need to go and get chocolate cake right now and I’m not even going to feel bad about that. Then I am going to make one final post about Hong Kong and then TLYW is all up to date.

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