Hong Kong, part 10: Ju Ming, Sculpting the Living World

A huge, very impressive exhibition of recent sculptures by Ju Ming, displayed at the Hong Kong Art Museum. I just loved this exhibition and saved my visit until the last day in HK. This exhibition is on until 15th June, if you happen to be in town. I really recommend it.


parachutes 2



Children walk along a wall.

white figures balancing


rest on a bench

See that lady at the back of this queue? Ju Ming designed some of these sculptures to include spaces for human occupants, an offer that the viewing public instinctively accepted.

lining up

More audience participation.


06 ice cream

Perhaps Ju Ming is inviting us to tell a story about why this one woman seems different from all the others.


women close up





People doing Tai Chi (life size).

tai chi

Swimming. A series of sculptures, in which no-one is actually swimming.

swimmers 2

Human Cube. China is crowded.

13 human cubes

14 cube close up

Sculptures from the Imprisonment series (life size). A bride and groom. Wedlock.

bride and groom

You will observe that the key of their cage is on the inside. They have locked themselves in.

16 key

This cage is half white and half  black. The black side represents a person who has been physically imprisoned, the white side shows a man in a suit, perhaps a businessman, who is voluntarily and psychologically locked in. Again, the key is on the inside, in the white half of the cage, and there is no wall between the two.


Phew! Sorry that was such a lot of photos all in one go. 2 Art points.

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