Home, jet-lagged.

I am home. I am also jet-lagged, what with the 8-hour time difference and the 13-hour flight. I just have a few days now to get my shit together because I’m soon going away AGAIN so I’d better quickly make a list of things to do.

  1. Laundry. Priority.
  2. File receipts.
  3. File all my photos, a lot are for work purposes and they need careful sorting, tagging and filing.
  4. Finish cleaning my house, I did a pretty good job just before going to China but there are still some areas in need of attention.
  5. Urgent financial paperwork on my desk. A colossal bill that I need to dispute. Shit like that. Nasty.
  6. Must see my hairdresser first thing tomorrow if possible because grey bits.
  7. Socialise with boys. Doubtless there will be dating news of some description before I leave town again. There had better be. I am actually a bit desperate for some sex. If you don’t count that one disappointing encounter with Xiaoyun then The Hills Are Alive season of celibacy has at this point overrun by three weeks already, and now I have to go away again. It’s really getting beyond a joke.
  8. Go to the gym. I had one more swim before leaving Hong Kong, scoring 1 Health point.
  9. Resume sensible eating and also get on the scales. I am actually craving a bacon sandwich and I’m going to have one in a minute but first I’m going to get back on the scales and find out how much damage I’ve done to my weight loss project while I was away. I was 138 pounds on the 4th of March and frankly I’m a bit scared of finding out what I weigh now because Hong Kong is a very high-calorie place. But it has to be done. So give me two minutes and I’ll be right with you. Shit. I’ll just play some music and that will make everything okay.

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