Hong Kong, Part 2: Space Museum

OK so I’ll be on my way home to London reasonably soon, in fact what I’m doing right now is eating an over-priced restaurant salad incredibly slowly because I have time to kill before going to the airport. When I reach home I’ll be able to access the hundreds of fascinating photos I’ve taken and show you the sights. In the meantime, I do have one or two things I can tell you about, such as this.

That big dome shape you see there is the space museum and I was there two evenings ago. The lights change colour: gold, pink, green. Pretty.


As it happens, the museum itself is surprisingly antiquated and primitive and looks like it was designed & filled with exhibits in the late 1950s, which is hilarious when you consider that it is about space. There are “interactive” exhibits, for sure, but they amount to pressing a button to make a lightbulb come on (whee!) or pressing another button to make a tired-looking model rocket spring two inches into the air inside its dusty glass case. I LOLd. You could spare yourself the entrance fee, in my view, even if it is only a quid to get in.

However – what is really super and great about the space museum is the Stanley Ho Cinema, which is what that dome shape actually houses. It shows 3D movies which are the best, most convincing 3D I’ve ever seen. All the (huge, very plush) seats are tilted backwards and the films are projected on to the domed ceiling. I saw We Are Aliens and it was amaaaazing and I wished it were three times as long. So that’s my hot tip. Especially make a point of seeing it if you have kids.


I’m not going to collect an Art point for that, but if TLYW had Science points, I would collect one of those.

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