Shanghai, Part 6 (last one).

And here is the last part of Shanghai. I’ve already left mainland China and so there will be more travel news tomorrow, but here’s what I did on the last day. I went to the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art to see an exhibition of installations, paintings and sculptures by Japanese artist Kusama Yayoi.


Really lovely work. She inhabits a world that is indeed dream-like and covered in dots.

If you go up to the roof of MOCA, which I did first, the artist has partially covered it in these reflective silver balls that you see here, which are like little mirrors, like an artificial lake, sparkling and reflecting the sky and the city. The weather was glorious and I sat here for ages and knitted and enjoyed the sun. My knitting attracted a good amount of friendly attention from the ladies of Shanghai and one absolutely sweet girl sat with me and patiently held my skein of yarn so that I could wind it into a ball. She did a very nice job as well and said she does the same for her mother all the time. It’s a sad thing when one is old enough to be everyone’s mother but it is also a nice thing.


Spotty sculptures:




And then there is an installation called the Obliteration Room. It was once a plain white room with plain white furniture. Every visitor is handed a sheet of stickers as they enter, and the idea is to plaster the room with coloured dots until the whole thing has disappeared under a rash of colour.



Even before discovering the Obliteration Room, it is clear to the visitor of MOCA that something spotty is going on, because of the amount of toddlers who are running around covered from head to foot in stickers. Evidently all the visitors to the Obliteration Room think it is hilarious to treat small children as part of the exhibit. This one got off lightly.


1 more Art point, when I have time to register it. Maybe tomorrow. Right now, I’m off to work again. Have a good day!

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