Shanghai, Part 3

Let’s talk about fashion. Shanghai is a very fashionable city. The proper thing around here is to cut a slim figure, topped off with a brightly-coloured puffa jacket. If you can carry a bright handbag in a clashing colour, so much the better. Wear with a short, frilly skirt in a dark colour, or tight-fitting jeans, and little ankle boots.

Young people in central Shanghai, demonstrating the local fashion codes.

fashion triptych

A slightly poorer suburb. That acid yellow that you see on that lady’s jacket is a very popular colour here.

street scene

A very stylish young couple on the subway. I absolutely love this girl’s 1950s short, swingy jacket with the big pom-poms for buttons.

subway couple

Finally, note this guy’s fabulous silver shark bag. Nice. I am not in Shanghai for the purpose of blogging about fashion but if I were, I would not run out of material.

shark bag

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