Weekend finally here, thank goodness.

Wow, that was a busy work week. It’s a good job I had photos of Stockholm for you because most of what I’ve done this week is work and not get enough sleep. Let’s have a quick news round-up.

  • Weakly Weigh-In. Oh god. Might as well get the pain out of the way. I just got on the scales and apparently I’ve gained five pounds since returning from Sweden last Sunday night, making me 138 lbs. It cannot all be fat. On the other hand, some of it definitely is fat. I did a lot of comfort eating in the middle part of the week because I was exhausted from work, and there was obviously no gym. I don’t see how I can really have gained five pounds in five days, on the other hand I am not bikini-shaped. So we all know the solution to that. I need to try and get on it. Hopefully this coming week at work should be a bit easier.
  • The other thing that has gone into rapid and shocking decline this week is the state of my house. How does it happen? I did loads of housework and cleaning just before going to Sweden, that was only a week ago, yet my house is an appalling rubbish tip yet again, the worst it’s been for ages, and now I have to spend my Saturday cleaning it up because I am out a lot tomorrow and this is my last chance before I start travelling again.
  • I think I met someone. 🙂 As in met someone. Who I might like to date. I am almost reluctant to talk about it because I don’t want to jinx it. Also I am trying really hard to be cautious because as much as I like this guy, and I really DO like him, he is 37 and we all know what that means. I’ve been burnt like that before. Yes, you guessed it. He is thinking about “settling down” (how that phrase reeks of death). Is thinking about whether he wants kids. I hate this shit. Some of the men I meet complain that it is terrible dating women who are deafened by the sound of their own biological clocks ticking, you can’t have a normal, fun, happy relationship with them because they have tunnel vision with regard to marriage and babies. Well, I think men are like that too. It’s not that they worry about their fertility going into decline, but once they’ve started hungering for marriage and the family, it is game over and they are beyond useless. I’m being harsh, aren’t I. Because I like him and he likes me and I don’t want him to ruin everything. I don’t want to let myself start something with him and then watch as in six months or a year he suddenly hurtles down the aisle with someone else. I really detest the whole idea of marriage, families and couples and this is the reason why most of the guys I date are about 24. Look at me, talking myself out of the idea of him. Anyway, yeah. I like him. A lot. He is brilliant fun and he is sexy and he is Chinese. We make each other laugh and he likes my taste in music. We had dinner together the other night and we are having dinner again on Tuesday. And that is all I am saying. And I am going on two other dates with two much younger guys in the meantime, to balance things out and preserve my sanity.

And that’s all the news. Shall we have a tune? It certainly is about time.

Chaka Demus & Pliers – Gal Wine (1994)

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