Is it really Friday already.

Right then, campers. Time for a quick news update at nine o’clock in the morning.

  • I miss my gym so much. I wish I were there right now but I am scared to go when my work diary looks the way it does. Maybe I will be able to go this evening.
  • I am obviously weighing myself obsessively and the scales showed 134.2 lbs this morning, so no need to panic. I’m trying to eat sparingly and low-carb and it is so annoying and inconvenient but I am terrified of blowing up like a balloon when I’m not able to be in the gym every day.
  • That boxing guy who I had a lunch date with the other day is pursuing me. If you remember, this is the guy who didn’t seem to enjoy himself that much, even though everyone thinks I am funny, even that small minority of people who don’t fancy me. I told him my assessment of the situation, quite directly, and he persuaded me to give him another chance to show me that he is a fun person, which is quite amusing in itself. So I am going to think of a fun date. Maybe we will go ice skating or something.
  • I miss being in love. I think of things that I want to share with the Honcho about five or six times a day but then I remember that he is a knob, so I don’t say anything. I am sort of vaguely fantasising about going on holiday somewhere with Hungarian Boy, somewhere that has lots of sunshine and a nice beach. He likes things like that. He would make a nice companion. We’ll see. It is still only February. Let’s see what 2014 brings.
  • Speaking of which, it looks like my already impressive travel schedule might have expanded again. I am beyond excited. I’m going to bounce around the world in the next couple of months. I can’t wait. I need to pack an overnight bag right now. I am trying to make a point of choosing hotels that have gyms.

Do you have three minutes to dance? Yes, you do. Don’t miss this really beautiful historical film footage from Kingston, Jamaica, circa 1964, complete with dancing instructions, plus the tune is beyond gorgeous.

Byron Lee & the Dragonaires: Jamaican Ska

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