Let’s take off three more pounds.

Of course, the scales don’t like me again today and think that I’m a pound heavier than yesterday, but it is what I expected. Work has me chained to my desk yet again but I am trying to diet, by means of eating a lot of protein-rich foods and staying away from grains, starchy carbs and sugar. It’s amazing how difficult it is. It’s not actually that pleasant eating cheese, for example, if you don’t at least have a Ryvita or something with it.

Anyway, so I’ve been thinking what to do, having hit the weight goal of 133 lbs, and I have decided to take three more pounds off. It will do no harm, the famous Speedo bikini will look better, and I will have a three-pound margin of error in case I suddenly go on a food binge or something. Also, 130 is a nice, round number. So I’m going to reset the weight target for 130 pounds and at that point I should be able to wear my pink blouse again, and another nice dress that’s in storage that I can’t quite fit into, and so on and so on.

I went out to see my friend D last night, scoring one Friends point. And now I need to get right back to work. I will get back in the gym tomorrow.

I know some of you are probably worrying at this point. It’s OK. I’m not going to drop down to 82 lbs like Portia de Rossi (I’m ashamed to tell you how much I enjoyed this book, as it is hardly Literature). 130 pounds is not underweight for someone of my height. It would give me a BMI of 20.4, which is well within normal range. I could drop down to 118 pounds before I reached the bottom end of what doctors think is normal. Not that that is ever going to happen. Although I am amused by the fact that we are even discussing it.

We made it to 600 Achievement points with today’s post.

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