I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday but I have been dieting fairly conscientiously for a couple of days and LOOK where it has got us. 133.6 pounds. Needless to say, I have weighed myself 18 times this morning in case it was a fluke. The lowest weight that I can get the scales to show is 133.0, and the highest is 134.0, so I am taking 133.6 as an average and it is in fact the weight that the scales show the most often.

133 pounds ticker

I can hardly believe it. I would go to the gym right now, but I have so much work on, I need to get right on it. I also need some breakfast because I am ravenous. I fully expect to have gained ten pounds again by tomorrow but nothing, nothing can take away from the joy this morning of seeing the magic number 133 appear on those scales.

I’ve been on this particular path of achievement since 29 July 2011, so almost exactly 2.5 years ago. I can’t believe it took that long. I also can’t believe that I finally did it. I’m the same weight now that I was in 2005. It was mostly through exercise, as I am so crap at dieting. It took 2.5 years, over 100 walks, 40 weight training sessions, 40 swims, 50 runs and about 65 assorted other activities. I am not only slim, I am fairly muscular.

I’m also thrilled to report that even though I’m an old lady and losing collagen by the second, Satan has blessed me so much that I have no loose skin. Everything has co-operatively shrunk back into place, where it should be.

Clothes tests:

  • Tiny jeans test: They are a perfect fit and I’m wearing them now.
  • Karrimore lime shorts test: Nothing wrong with the way these fit either. Am packing them in my gym bag.
  • Pink blouse test: Still a bit small, nothing that can’t be rectified.
  • Speedo bikini test: I cannot wait to try on the Speedo bikini. It is at the gym. Where I wish I was. You can bet I am going to try on that bad boy as soon as I can get to it.

You know what I think has triggered this eventual success? The wasteland of celibacy known as The Hills Are Alive, our themed season of clean living that is scheduled to end in a couple of weeks. I haven’t dated for nearly three months and without that distraction, there was nothing to stop me from going to the gym, night after night, weekend after weekend. I hoped that The Hills Are Alive would have a good effect on my waistline, but this is a better result than I dared to hope for.

hills lost

Shall we dance?

Take care of all those charms and you’ll always be in someone’s arms. Keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved.

Abe Lyman: Keep Young and Beautiful (1933)

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