I’m going out.

I have been chained to my desk for days. The scales are absolutely insistent that I have gained three pounds, making me 137 pounds and four pounds off my goal weight. I can’t tell you how annoyed I am about that when I was just ONE POUND away from my target.

I still haven’t been to the gym but that is about to be rectified. I am going out on a date! Right now! I am going to the sports shop to meet a big handsome guy who says he knows about boxing. I am v excited. And the best part is that since all we have talked about is sport, I can show up in sportswear. Perfect. No need for high heels or any of that nonsense. We are not dating the French now. This is a big, sporty West Londoner and I can show up in my favourite sportswear and then go directly to the gym.

Shall we have some Church? Why not. You know what to do.

Little Lenny – Gun Inna Baggy

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