Back in the gym.


  • Weight training.
  • Swimming (60 lengths).
  • Talked to a man in the gym who was using the punch bag like a professional and he turned out to be a friendly Iranian who was only too happy to give advice and demonstrations. In fact he encouraged me to land a punch on him but this was a step too far for my British manners so I demurred and concentrated on the bag. It was most educational. Then after a few minutes I ran away in case he got ideas.

Earlier in the day I went to the sports shop to meet the other guy and he was a nice man but he seemed kind of depressed about something and wouldn’t laugh at any of my jokes, which was a bit strange. In fact, unprecedented. Even the Honcho thinks I am funny and he is not known for his sense of humour. Anyway, he talked interestingly about boxing as well, he talked about what it is like to follow the sport, the build-up to big matches and so on. So I was actually glad I went out to see him and now I have post-gym endorphins. 2 Health points. Shall we dance?

Come on over honey, get closer to the bar.

Super Cat: My Girl Josephine (1995)

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