Women’s Boxing

This is a very interesting video. The blonde girl is British. Don’t miss the interview at the end. Watching her in the ring, she looks fearsome but then when she talks to the film-maker afterwards she’s absolutely sweet and really feminine. She says more women should take up boxing. Also note her amazing physique and hot boyfriend.

Cathy Brown v. Svetla Taskova (2005)


Also, this link will take you to a feature in The Guardian where a female journalist tried out a boxing class in London and says it’s great for getting a flat stomach.

My session is taken by Gemma Ridley, a personal trainer who is evangelical about the power of boxing for fitness. She used to run a boxing school in Thailand and is convinced there is no better workout than boxing training. “You want to know what muscle groups are worked? All of them – and especially the ones girls want to work most – the waist, the abs, the bum. If you want weight to drop off you – box.”

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