Hanging on in there.

  • Trying not to eat crap. Last night I gave some Swiss chocolates to Little G, to get them out of my sight, so I wouldn’t have to eat (more than four of) them.
  • Trying to eat smaller portions. I am getting into the habit of eating no more than two-thirds of anything that’s put in front of me when eating out.
  • I should cut back on the amount of milk that I consume, I use it as a food substitute but I should eat more vegetables instead.
  • Gym last night. 1 hour on the treadmill, then 60 lengths of swimming (very good). 2 Health points.
  • I still weigh 136 pounds, but the number after the decimal point is getting smaller and that’s really exciting. Wish me luck, folks. I think we can do this. Goal weight is only three pounds away.

I will have to squeeze in a gym visit right after work this evening. I need to be home by 9, for a reason that isn’t talking to the goddamn Honcho. I have a World of Warcraft date with my ex-boyfriend, the one I used to live with before I started this blog. So the Honcho can wait until tomorrow. So there.

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