Month: February 2014

Stockholm, Part 4

In which we don’t miss important buildings and shit.




A female guard outside the Royal Palace.


A view of the Grand Hotel.


Practical, economical and environmentally friendly, bicycles are a popular mode of transport in many European cities. I wish we had fewer cars and more of a culture of cycling in London.


And that concludes the Stockholm travel news. I’m now in London for a week or so and then things start to get really exciting.

Stockholm, Part 3

Stockholm is a very historic city and has an area known as the Old Town which still has a mediaeval street layout and some well-preserved buildings.




Of course, the Old Town is not short of shopping opportunities for tourists. I loved the Viking shop much more than I expected to and I badly regret not buying a beautiful pair of silver earrings shaped like Viking ships. Even though it would mean getting my ears re-pierced because it’s that long since I’ve worn earrings.


When you have had enough walking around and need to sit down, look for this cafe. I know it looks like a mysterious kind of hole in the wall, with stairs leading down to unknown places, but trust me. Downstairs it is a wonderful ancient cellar with arches, dozens of tables and comfortable sofas where you and your friends can sit down, and delicious cakes and hot chocolate.



My friend T kindly showed me around and in the process I scored 1 Friends point.

Weakly Weigh In

133.2 lbs. Very good. Means I didn’t gain anything in Sweden, even though it was quite a carb-heavy experience. (Hot chocolate with cream, yum.) I’m glad I took my swimming costume as I managed to do 70 minutes of swimming in the hotel pool. One Health point.

I know I can shift three more pounds if I really try.


I didn’t wear any make-up to the gym tonight, for the first time in, like, ever, and so of course Delroy the Beautiful was there, even though I thought he was working days now. Decided to skip weight training because lack of time, and went directly to the pool where I swam an impressive 100 lengths. 1 Health point.

I still haven’t packed my bag but I’m checked in for my flight and I remembered to bring swimming costumes home from the gym so we are doing okay. See you later.