I did 90 minutes of walking today, earning 1 Health point, but more importantly, I cannot stop dancing. I am dance crazy.

  1. Imagine my joy when I found out about this:  I love London so much. Morning Glory is a rave. Held from 6.30 to 10.30 in the morning, for energetic London professionals who will then change into a suit and go to work as city bankers and business strategists and whatnot. There is no alcohol. There is just hours of hardcore dancing. You know how much I need this in my life. Also it’s probably packed with handsome men who have good jobs.
  2. I told Disraeli that if he wants to hang out with me, it is absolutely imperative that he gets comfortable dancing to reggae and gave him a theme song to get him started.
  3. I told the Honcho that, even though there are many things that we are not willing to do for each other, if he wants to see me and he lets me pick the music then I will dance for him all afternoon in the outfits of his choice.

Are you ready? I have to limit how much I play this tune, like not during work hours, for example, because I literally cannot stay in my seat. It’s so funky it hurts my heart and it makes my feet move around on their own. Hey, I should collect a Dance point for this. 1 Dance point. Man. Get down.

Toots and the Maytals: Do the Reggay (1968)

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