Daily Points

Went to the gym and was served an omelette by Delroy the Beautiful. I haven’t seen him for weeks, I was starting to wonder if he’d left and believe me, the gym was a much bleaker place without him, it was as though the sun went in. It turns out that he is working early shifts so I’ve been missing him because of going to the gym in the evenings. ‘Will you be in tomorrow morning?’ he asked, and the magnificent holy light shining from his face caused me to say that I will be there at 6.30 in the morning to have breakfast with him, or at least served by him, utterly disregarding the fact that I have a 10 am business meeting on the other side of town.

There’s another guy who works in the restaurant at the gym who likes me. He smiles at me soulfully and he blushes a deep shade of red whenever he is within earshot of me telling Delroy how heart-stoppingly gorgeous he is, which is pretty much every time I see him. I feel sorry for that guy. If Delroy were not there I would think him quite handsome and might even take action but as it is I feel sorry for him having to stand there behind the counter at the restaurant right next to the most beautiful man in the world. Perhaps he loves Delroy too. One could hardly blame him.

After eating I power-walked on the treadmill at a pretty brisk pace for two hours, because reasons. Then I swam 36 lengths which is a slightly random number, but there it is. 2 Health points.


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