Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing

Went to the gym. Swam 60 lengths, which is a personal best! Climbed the treadmill for an hour while openly rocking out to some heavy, heavy reggae because I just don’t care any more. I pay enough for that gym membership, it is my second home, I will dance if I want to.

In fact, I can’t help it. So much reggae to be enjoyed. Last night I returned from the gym, blogged, then thought I would have a little dance and when I started to feel like I needed a sit down, it turned out to be three in the morning. Then when I got up today, it was the same story. Sank a couple of cups of coffee, which I shouldn’t be drinking, and then danced until the sun was setting and the dancing was seriously starting to interfere with my ability to pack my gym bag.

Are you with me, brothers and sisters? Get on your feet and feel this riddim and Half Pint’s beautiful singing.

Really and truly.

Half Pint: Substitute Lover (1991)



2 Health points.

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