The Honcho Method

  • Talk to your current main dating prospect on Skype (text only) and cut off the conversation after exactly 55 minutes, citing work.
  • Tell him there will be another real life date when you say so and not before, and it is not yet. Don’t listen to reason. Reassure him that you will keep talking to each other.
  • Check in with the Honcho.
  • Take somebody else out to lunch. During the date, apply The Method. Observe that it causes him to get on his knees in a clothes shop.

I know, I know. I’m going to the gym now. The hills are alive.

2 thoughts on “The Honcho Method”

    1. I was thinking about this while I was in the gym. As mind control, it wouldn’t be very good because it is only going to work on people who deeply and instinctively want it, and that is going to be a small minority of people. Yet probably more than we think, because you can’t want something that you don’t know is available until somebody offers it to you.

      The other thing that strikes me as interesting is that I wouldn’t have even tried this were it not for The Hills Are Alive, in other words, a long season of no casual sex. This is a crucial element of the Honcho’s strategy – he made me wait 4 months before I finally met him for real. It is an element that I never really appreciated before and wouldn’t have applied before because I was too busy enjoying myself. But now I come to understand that it is really super important. The Method is absolutely not about scoring easy one night stands. It is about spending 3-4 months really getting to know someone so that when you finally have sex, you can give them the experience of a lifetime. I find it deeply, deeply ironic that it was the Honcho that finally taught me to be a lady and keep my clothes on.

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