Weakly Weigh-In.

I replaced the batteries in my digital scales and managed to weigh myself once before the scales mysteriously stopped working. (Scales really don’t like me. I will have to start using the ones at the gym.)

So anyway. I’m just putting off the inevitable. Do you want to know how much weight I’ve gained since the start of November? Of course you do.

I’ve gained six pounds. Six pounds. I weigh 144 pounds, or ten stone and four pounds, or 65 kilos. 

It is my own fault. That is what eating several boxes of Waitrose chocolate biscuits over Xmas will do to you, not to mention the cake and the Xmas dinner and the family size bags of crisps. I have gained six pounds because I am a greedy guts. 

Shocking. I was within five pounds of my goal weight, and now it’s 11 pounds away once again. I am a fool. I am dieting as of today and I am going to the gym right now. As far as I know, they open at 6am.

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