I went to meet Tunde and wow, he is a proper grown-up. He’s actually 34 and is a former lawyer. Lots of fun to talk to. Has some life experience and hence interesting opinions. Funny. Attractive. The chemistry was not sizzling hot, perhaps surprisingly, as he is a good-looking guy. He didn’t make me go weak at the knees. He was fun to hang out with, though. We’ll wait and see what happens, if anything. He might be nice friend material. I think maybe he was just curious to meet me and find out who I am in real life (I am fabulous).

After leaving Tunde I happened to walk past and then into a new branch of Harmony that has just opened, for a quick look. They had a selection of hosiery of a style that the Honcho particularly likes and that I overlooked before I knew him. I will admit to buying a couple of these items, with no clear idea why, but I absolutely did not email him from the store or send photos, which was my natural instinct. Perhaps I will make Disraeli wear them.

And now I need to stop chatting and go to the gym.

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