I thought about making a new No Contact ticker for the side bar, to congratulate myself on how long I’ve managed to leave the Honcho alone (count so far, 1 day, lol), but in the end I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t know why I needed to keep going back for more evidence of his feelings, apparently I am a slow learner. He doesn’t want me, he just likes the idea that I want him. Let’s just assume that I’m not contacting him any more. It’s been 28 months since we met and while the first four were out of this world, the immediately following two years were FUBAR. Let’s just move on. I can face Disraeli and the terrifying prospect of a normal, healthy relationship without this twerp.

Open your red hymn books to page 40.

 Don’t you know, promises were never made to keep.

The Rolling Stones: Emotional Rescue (1980)


I love it when I don’t keep any food in the house. I need to eat and that means it’s time to go the gym.

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