The vain swimmer.

I am supposed to be out doing some work-related errands, and I will go in a minute but first I wanted to talk to you about a couple of items for vain swimmers.


At TLYW, we like our Rimmel waterproof eyeliner and mascara for swimming and sitting in the jacuzzi. I have been looking around for a long-lasting foundation because my usual L’Oreal one wasn’t at all resistant to water. Last night I made up my face with a layer of primer (in this case, Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro) followed by foundation in the form of Rimmel Lasting Finish, which promises 25 hours of coverage with normal use. After energetically swimming under water for the best part of an hour I found that it was substantially still on my face when I got out of the pool, which is miraculous to me. Note to self: I am using shade 201, classic beige. Note to readers: I don’t work for Rimmel. I just like their prices.



I am just discovering that normal swimming goggles give you serious panda-like rings around your eyes when you take them off. Not sexy at all. Not what we want at all. Also, if you are over 40 like me, your face is going to take a good few hours to spring back into shape. I cannot have that. I am swimming nearly every day at the moment. I cannot spend several hours out of every single day with gigantic, prominent eye bags. Not happening. I did some shopping around and I am going to try a pair of Aqua Sphere Vista Goggles. What these are claimed to do, if the positive reviews are anything to go by, is fit more like a diving mask, around your forehead and cheekbones instead of plugging in to your eye socket. It seems intuitively better. I am hopeful and excited. I will let you know how I get on with them.


Sport Bikinis

Just because you are a Srs Athlete, too serious to have your speed and form hampered by frou-frou fashion swimwear that wants to fall off your body and creates drag in the water, doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life in a one-piece. There are such things (I just found out) as sport bikinis, which are sleek and will fit closely to your body, allowing you to do your best swimming while still looking sexy.

Do I have the slim waist and toned abs needed for this bikini? Not right now, no. Is wearing this Speedo bikini at the pool my new goal? Yes, yes it is.

speedo bikini

There’s a powerful incentive to stay away from chocolate and crisps. We need some kind of motivator if we are not dating.

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