The Amazing Adventures of Antibiotics Girl

Just don’t even ask. Back pain. Kidney. This must be the 7th or 8th course of antibiotics I’ve had in two years. Thankfully, it is only a five-day course. The doctor prescribed something that’s not amoxcillin, and I’m glad about that because I’ve had enough amoxcillin to kill a small country.

FFS. I wanted to swim tonight. Monday night is when Delroy and his choir of angels light up the jacuzzi but that’s it, unfortunately, my back hurts, the drugs are making me feel fucked and that’s me out of the game for the rest of the week, if my previous extensive experience with antibiotics is anything to go by.

God damn. I suppose if these annoying life events really insist on happening then they might as well happen when we are in the middle of The Hills Are Alive, because this would be a truly terrible state of affairs if I had a new boyfriend.

Pah. I hope the drugs start working soon. I hope they start working soon. I am just going to drink chamomile tea, do lots of desk-based work and maybe knit something. And try not to put loads of weight back on.

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