My ridiculous journey around the United States.

I am home and I am knackered. Here is why.


  • Flight from London to New York. Flight out of NY cancelled.
  • Bus to New Jersey.
  • Replacement flight from NJ to Michigan.
  • Flight from Michigan to Ohio.
  • Flight from Ohio to Michigan.
  • Flight from Michigan to Ohio.
  • Flight from Ohio to Illinois. Flight out of Illinois cancelled.
  • Replacement flight booked in Illinois. Flight severely delayed.
  • Flight from Illinois to Pennsylvania. Run through airport at top speed to make connection.
  • Flight from Pennsylvania to London.

In Michigan it is 13 degrees below zero, it did not stop snowing and the icy wind makes you think twice about going outside even to get food.

My business partner had a different flight schedule and his journey was equally stupid. At one point he got stranded in Illinois because you guessed it, cancelled flights, and some kind person drove him in their car all the way from Illinois to Ohio, right through the state of Indiana and out the other side.

Thank you, kind members of the American public.

There were fun things in Michigan and I have photos but you will have to wait. Tomorrow, maybe. Right now I just need to get showered and unpack my suitcase and get back to work because work does not stop.

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