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Wise words. Roald Dahl, that is. I think it is a certainty that Roald Dahl does not ‘piggyback off’ Steve Jobs. Jobs was 24 years old when Dahl wrote these words in 1979. I’m pretty sure 63-year-old Dahl, an established novelist, wasn’t looking to a 24-year-old IT dork who was still working out of his mom and dad’s garage for ideas. Sorry, Evan. Still, it is a really great quote.

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Quote Of The Day

I love this quote by Roald Dahl because he goes a few steps further than doing something that you have fun doing. It reminds me that you have to be absolutely passionate about what you are  doing. And why? Well I think it piggybacks off a Steve Jobs quote where he talks about loving what you do because when you are going after your passion things can be really difficult. So light it up! Be white hot and passionate about your craft and you will produce some incredible results. 

What do you think? 

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