My new diet

My diet has gone a bit crazy.

I was very overworked, as you know, and for some reason over Friday and Saturday this led to me eating a gargantuan amount of the Wrong Foods. Sugar. Fat. Pannacotta. Chocolate biscuits with more chocolate than biscuit. Bingeing. Stress. By Sunday morning I looked absolutely enormous.

Then the overeating suddenly halted. I spent 24 hours travelling, with plenty of cancelled planes, delays and trips to entire other states to get alternative flights. I ate basically nothing for 24 hours. And here we are. I am in the US, and I am working through lunch. Lunch is an absolutely disgusting ‘hot pocket’ that is basically an envelope made of dried glue and filled with processed cheese and ‘ham’ that is a long, long way from the original pig. It is a really effective appetite suppressant. I strongly doubt I’ll be able to eat the whole thing, nor would one want to. If I make a point of choosing really unpleasant food for the next few days I can cut out a lot of calories. The main problem with being at home is the extremely good supermarket with a delicatessen and a bakery that is practically outside my front door.

In other news, I dumped Hungarian Boy (nicely). He is so cute and desirable but I am not in the mood for pandering to him right now and if he’s not falling over himself to get to me, then we don’t need each other. I told him to attend to his other ladies, of whom there are plenty. I wonder when was the last time someone dumped him. I bet it was not recently. And that’s all the news.

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