Gorgeous Boys

I have nearly finished packing and the taxi to take me to the airport isn’t for hours, so we are all OK. In fact, I am so far ahead of schedule that I have time to watch re-runs of Ally McBeal while getting my stuff together. I used to love that show in the 90s and now I remember why. Bloody hell. The amount of totty. Even though it is getting on for 3am right now, I really had to come online specifically to show you this clip. Here we see Whipper (that would be the blonde character, played by gorgeous Dyan Cannon, really rocking it so hard at 60, I hope I look like that in 15 years) and Renee (played by Lisa Nicole Carson) interviewing men for a job at their new law firm.

I just had to show you because it reminded me so much of TLYW Christmas Angels. Don’t miss the guy 48 seconds in who wags his finger. It made me go “Oh my god” out loud. Out loud. And that is why I used to watch this show. Look: youtu.be/AvB6bFCRg2c

Great tune as well, isn’t it? Here it is in full.

Smashmouth: Walking On The Sun (1997)


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