While we are waiting.

A quick midnight post because I need to play a tune. I managed to have a night off from work, which was much needed and very welcome. I met a Lebanese Angel who was quite young for his age and was one of that extremely rare breed of people that I occasionally meet who do not fancy me. It’s hard to believe, I know. An old friend of mine said earlier today that his brother, who I recently met, likes me. ‘Yeah,’ I said, looking satisfied. ‘Everybody likes me.’

Nearly everybody. The Head Honcho has gone quiet. Let’s have some Marc Almond while we are waiting.

I love and respect Marc Almond. As an artist, he completely wears his heart on his sleeve, with no shame. Everything is revealed. You feel as though, if you broke up with him, he would lie down in your front garden, crying and getting snot all down his face and singing desperate love songs until you came back to him. I totally believe reports that the whole of the album Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing was written and recorded under the influence of MDMA.

Ready to sing along? I promise you, you are going to want to, as he becomes increasingly unstable near the end of the song. Plus, don’t miss the synthesised steel drums. A little heartbreak at Christmas time. Beautiful.

oh baby, what can I do when I still love you? / what can I say when I still want you? / won’t you come back?

Soft Cell: What (1982)

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