Even more work.

I am so glad I went out and had five minutes of fun, because work is kicking my ass again. I just pulled yet another all-nighter. It is always like this right before Xmas, for no good reason except that my business clients urgently want to feel like they’ve accomplished something before the year ends, which they achieve easily enough by passing the buck to me.

While I am having a good moan, I will observe that I obviously have not been to the gym, of course I haven’t. I wouldn’t be able to swim, in any case, because my ears are still broken and I’m not supposed to get water in them. (Seriously. Three weeks later, I still have significant hearing loss. So if you were thinking of taking up swimming … yeah.)

The good part is that there is upcoming travel. In fact, I should do some laundry and pack a suitcase. Maybe I can use the gym at the hotel while I am away.

I told Hungarian Boy and Chinese-Speaking Angel that I would bring them back a present. Hungarian Boy is shamelessly materialistic, this being perhaps his least attractive quality, and Chinese-Speaking Angel deserved something, in my view, to lure him back after I cruelly abandoned him at the tube station the other night. I would not decline a bit of physical comfort from either one of them right now, but work says no. Work says I have to wait. Sucks. Where is the Head Honcho when you need him? I would have benefited from some of his attention while I was up working all night, but he is nowhere to be seen.

I think that’s all the news. I might go and sleep for an hour or two now before it all starts up again.

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