Assorted news and Church.

We are having two hymns today, so open your red hymn book at page 24.

Snoop Lion ft. Mavado & Popcaan: Lighters Up (2013)


There’s all kinds of news, despite being so busy with work.

  • Work. Yay! I finally had some sleep. There’s another crazy work day tomorrow and then it gets a bit more normal.
  • Gym. I am desperate to get back in the gym. My diary from Tuesday onwards is going to have to be highly organised because I am out dating a lot, so I might have to do some very early morning gym visits to fit it all in.
  • Weight Loss. I don’t have new batteries for my scales so I don’t know what I weigh. It is more than 138 lbs. However, I am not a horrible shape and could confidently take my clothes off with someone new, so we’re all good. I actually tried not to diet too strenuously over the last several days because I didn’t want to lose the muscle that I built up from weight training. I would rather have a little bit of extra fat and keep the muscle than lose the muscle. I will diet more strictly when my regular weight training regime is functioning again.
  • Christmas Angels. Angel #1 got the season off to a fab start by calling me to defer until next week. He did sound phlegmy and nobody wants that, so I am happy to see him next Saturday.  This enabled me to frivolously waste a good part of yesterday on the dating website, where I updated my profile with my exact requirements for this Xmas season, with the result that hopeful Angels are now throwing themselves at me, it is like Britain’s Got Talent except better-looking. I am very, very lucky, and don’t think I don’t appreciate it.
  • Other Dating News. Blondie. Remember Blondie? That Canadian guy from last Christmas? He’s back. Looking for another date. I will be happy to see him when we can find a date in the diary when we are both free. He is a very polite man. That was redundant information, wasn’t it, since I just told you he is Canadian.
  • The Head Honcho is being as conciliatory as he knows how to be, as well he might. We even managed a few minutes of Christmas cheer. It was sweet. Then he had to go because his life now sucks so hard that if I had to live like that, I would kill someone, and then probably myself. It really sucks so badly. It sucks for me and it sucks quite badly for him. There is such a thing as having an amount of domestic responsibility that nobody in their right mind would want. And there is such a thing as not being your own boss any more and having somebody else tell you when you are allowed to take business trips and where you are going. I can’t believe how shit it is. No wonder he’s making somewhat of an effort to be nice. What can you do. I love that man but by the time he’s ready for me, he’ll be 50 and I’ll be 57 and while that’s not the end of the world it would be nice to have some quality time together while I still look smoking hot. I am thinking of going back to Jordan to see Hussein.
  • Oh, I almost forgot the best part. Sayed emailed me and I did not care. This is the guy who I could not kick out of my head only a few weeks ago. He emailed me and I didn’t give a shit. I even forgot to mention it on the blog. And that, readers, is the Head Honcho doing his job, right there.

Now for our second hymn of this morning’s service.

And it’s me you need to show. How deep is your love?

Bee Gees: How Deep Is Your Love (1977)

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