New TLYW Season: Christmas Angels!

Merry Christmas, readers! Our new Xmas dating season starts today!

As you may recall, last year’s Xmas dating season had a theme. It was called ‘The 12 Dates of Xmas’ and the idea was to meet the first 12 people off the dating website who seemed interesting and see what happened. That actually worked out brilliantly because it led to me meeting several people who I otherwise might not have made a priority of and as a result of that, there was a four-month romance with Marcel, which I am calling a good result.

This year’s theme is Christmas Angels.

xmas angels 03

I think you will agree that I have really excelled in frivolousness and superficiality with this year’s theme. Last year, people were being selected on the strength of being interesting, which meant that the lovely contestants included TV producers and other people with fancy jobs. This year, we are doing something different. To qualify as a 2013 Christmas Angel, you have to be:

  • Gorgeous. If you are wondering about the appearance of that Hungarian boy that I like, refer to the above picture. That is the standard we are setting this Xmas.
  • Under 30. There will be one or two exceptions to this as I have actually scheduled a couple of dates already with people who are as old as 33(!) but as of today, being under 30 is the second eligibility criterion.

Are you excited? I sure am.

The first Angel is tonight. We are having dinner. He found a restaurant and booked a table there (very proactive of him). He has booked the table for rather late in the evening; this makes me think that he is confident about getting me back to his house but I am a lady and never do anything indecent on the first date. Almost never. He is French, because we like those French boys, and he is 31 and despite his advanced age, he certainly displays the ideal Xmas Angel physique.

There are more Christmas Angel dates scheduled for the coming week so stay tuned for all the latest developments.

You be a real good little baby. Santa Claus is back in town.

Elvis Presley: Santa Claus Is Back In Town (1957)

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