Xmas Dating

Right then. It looks like TLYW is having a themed Christmas dating season for 2013. Last year’s was good. I enjoyed it and of course I met Marcel, which turned into quite a nice four-month relationship, all things considered, even though he was a twat just at the end. When we first met, it was great. Xmas lights in London, snow, first kisses, New Year’s Eve, etc etc. Very sweet and fun. The run-up to Easter was nice as well, he brought me that giant chocolate bunny, if you remember, which was as cute as all get-out.

As you know, I am enmeshed in work hell. I am about to go and sleep for two hours now and then I have to get back to work. It’s insane. But from about Tuesday I will get my life back and that’s why I am squandering my precious time on the online dating website, lining up dates for next week.

Yay! Christmas dating!

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