I swam another fifty lengths today, with somewhat fewer rest periods than yesterday, preceded by a full session of weight training. My arms and legs are bulging with muscle. I still don’t have killer abs. How much longer is it going to take? I suppose I’ve only been working out seriously for four months. Still though.

swim 101113

My profile on the dating website is going crazy and everybody’s very good-looking and so on but I am too busy with work and gym to meet them. I am a victim of my own gym-related success. I will have to start dating again soon though because I have been living like a nun for two months and it will not do. It is not good for a person and it is a road that leads to the Honcho, which is not where I want to be. I am amused to note that he and I use WhatsApp now, if you remember, there was a highly embarrassing incident a few months ago where I screamed at him via the medium of a WhatsApp text message, only later realising that he doesn’t really use that app. So apparently you can introduce people to social media software by heartily yelling at them and they will then use it to carry on conversations with you. Who knew. He is persistent, you’ve got to hand it to him. 2 Health points.

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