In which my breastroke is officially approved.

Right, let’s have a quick catch-up. I’m so busy at work, it’s not even funny and the rest of this month is going to be rather trying. Despite this, I’ve managed to score a couple of points.

So you already know about Monday. Tuesday I was exhausted and went to bed at 8.30 in the evening. Wednesday was great. I went to the gym and did some weight training. Then I had a swimming lesson with my lovely swimming teacher, only my second lesson ever and quite some time since the first one. In the intervening period I spent a lot of time on YouTube studying breaststroke videos and a lot of time in the pool, practising. My swimming teacher was super impressed! She corrected what I was doing with my arms and then after that, to my surprise, she said ‘Your breaststroke is fine. Just keep doing that. What else do you want to learn?’

So that’s when we started to learn the crawl. I am awful at it and cannot do even two strokes without sinking and swallowing water so there is plenty of room for improvement. Back to YouTube for me, I think.

Then after that I went to see my friend D who I have not seen for 6 years despite the fact that we both live in London. It was great to see her. She is 50 and looks 24.

2 Health points, 1 Friends point.

Next objective is to thorougly clean my house because we are expecting a visit from Disraeli.

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