Note to self. Calories by exercise.

Good to know, as I am gradually expanding the range of things I do at the gym. I nearly got on a stationary bike yesterday. These calories estimates are per hour, for someone weighing 130 lbs, which is not me, on the other hand I’m not far off it (I got on the scales today and I am 139 lbs, which represents a gain of one pound, which I am going to ignore. I was relieved, actually, that it wasn’t worse.)

Swimming breaststroke              590

Stationary cycling, moderate     413

Rowing machine, moderate       413

Swimming, leisurely, not laps    354

Walking, 4.0 mph, very brisk    295

Weight lifting, light workout     177

Housework                                  148

Sitting, light office work               89

This list looks suspiciously like it was devised in the 1950s and it’s not clear what is meant by ‘moderate’ and light, but this is good enough for me to get a sense of proportion. It looks like I would be well served by swimming a lot, because even crap swimming is still burning up a lot of calories and if I can get good at it, it could top the charts for fat burning. Moreover, as much as I like walking, if I’m going to be in the gym a lot due to inclement weather, I should start doing some cycling and rowing. Better value for the time invested.

I still need to clean my damn house.

The Jam: Start (What You Give Is What You Get) (1980)

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